This twisted short film project toys around with the concept of being surrounded by the thing you fear the most for external pleasure. 
written by Owen Lawes & Oona Milka Eloranta
director Oona Milka Eloranta
cinematography Owen Lawes
editor Riguel Alombro
colourist Owen Lawes

Starring Rebecca Ellen Baker and Riguel Alombro
n. a state of serene calmness, inner tranquility
For this project, I wanted to challenge where I fit into the society. I placed myself in front of a ‘frame’ to represent how easy it is for people to put others heteronormative boxes simply based on looks. I can be seen trying to break away from the box and eventually giving up.
The Second Sex, de Beauvoir: “One is not born, but rather becomes a woman”
Although a lot of people agree gender is a social construct that requires certain acts to upkeep, most live off the heterosexual presumption that femininity = attraction to men. I decided to wear neutral clothing to prevent distraction from the feminine imagery used.
I created a sense of a calm morning by using audio from things I commonly do to get ready to present myself to people.

In this film, the peach is a symbolic object which represents the delicate nature of the human body. The girl sees herself in the peach which triggers an emotional response in her. The film suggests the girl may have a past or present abusive relationship. PEACH was created as a part of a Portfolio of Practice for a university project.
This piece was inspired by the beauty of the human body, which is something that has always fascinated me. Drawing, painting and photographing humans is beautiful to me and I believe each person's body and face portray a story of their life and things they have been through leading up to that point.
 Shot on a Canon 80D and edited with Adobe Premiere Pro. ​​​​​​​
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