For this project I had to compose a 1:00-1:30 long concept film edit to be sent to the Swiss Paralympic Team to help them decide the tone of their advertisement campaign for the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics. I was in charge of composing the video from existing clips and doing all edits, including colour correction, transitions, SFX, sound edits, as well as the motion graphic title sequence at the end. The brief called for a poignant and emotional piece, which helped me decide on the tone of the edit. 
One of three social media adverts I edited for a Swiss luxury watch brand. Edited on Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects. 
This piece was inspired by the beauty of the human body, which is something that has always fascinated me. Drawing, painting and photographing humans is beautiful to me and I believe each person's body and face portray a story of their life and things they have been through leading up to that point.
 Shot on a Canon 80D and edited with Adobe Premiere Pro. 
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